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B1 Genel İngilizce Dil Eğitimi

B1 Genel İngilizce Dil Eğitimi

B1 Genel İngilizce Dil Eğitimi

present simple present progressive stative verbs past simple past porogressive time clauses quantifiers, too, enough present perfect simple indirect questions defining relative clauses relative pronouns the verb used to comparative form superlative form must / can / have to/ need to / should and negatives future will be able to infinitives ing forms passive voice conditional sentences type 1 if vs when may / might / could so, neither, too, either present perfect progressive question tags, negative questions reflexive pronouns conditional sentences type 2 wishes and unreal past exclamatory sentences clauses and results past perfect simple reported speech

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25 Temmuz 2022 - 01 Eylül 2022

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This program aims to enable learners to develop the language and skills needed for effective, sophisticated communication in English and to provide them with an opportunity to gain an insight into English-speaking societies around the world.

In addition to practising listening and reading, a particular attention to the promotion of accuracy and the wealth of structures in the more active skills of speaking and writing is aimed. It is hoped that an emphasis on grammar and syntax will result in an increased sophistication in the way learners can express their own ideas and build them into a cogent argument, whether orally or in writing. Particular aims of the program are as follows:

•             develop learners’ ability to use English effectively for the purpose of practical communication

•             form a solid foundation for the skills required for further study or employment using English as the medium

•             develop learners’ awareness of the nature of language and language-learning skills

•             promote learners’ personal development.